Reading Challenges 2017

A new year will begin in less than 48 hours and with it, reading challenges.  Every year for over five years, I and several friends and family members eagerly scour for different challenges and even host our own. Unfortunately I have a terrible habit of signing up for way too many challenges. This year I have majorly simplified and plan to only participate in five different challenges including my own. I am already feeling a lot less overwhelmed and I have some book lists to help get me started. With these challenges I only have to read 4-6 related books per month to accomplish all of them, which is a much easier amount then some of the years past where I have signed up for a dozen or more challenges. I never want to sign up for so many challenges that I do not feel the freedom to read books outside of those challenges.  Neither do I want to take the fun out these challenges by them becoming a to do list I am forcing myself to complete.  This year is going to include a lot more relaxed and sometimes spontaneous reading, with just enough structure to make sure I accomplish some good reading.

Without further ado, the reading challenges for 2017:

1. Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge

– I have not hosted this challenge in a long time and hesitated about bringing it back, but after talking to my Mom and sister, I decided to go for it. This challenge is all about customization and I am planning on doing two levels of it, Foxglove (1-3) and Monkshood (12+). I will be sharing all about how I customized my PYP categories and what some books that I am reading for it on my very first check-in March 2nd.

2. Clocks, Cogs, and Mechanisms Reading Challenge

– Steampunk is a genre that I greatly enjoy, but definitely do not read as much of as I would like. This year I am going for Flight Goggles (4-7) as a starting point with hopes of surpassing it. My first CCM check-in is planned for January 12th so I will probably starting the new reading year with a steampunk book so I have something under my belt for it.

3. What Would Jane Do? Reading Challenge

– I have loved her works since the first time I read Pride and Prejudice as a preteen. This expanded from there as I read through her other books and watched the movies. I am going for the official What Would Jane Do level and I look forward to reading her books, watching the movies and expanding from there towards spin-off, biographies, and other Jane themed works. The first check-in for this challenge will be on February 9th.

4. Monthly Motif Challenge hosted by GirlXOXO

– The first of the two fun challenges I am doing, that I do not run. I am very excited to do this challenge as it will be a little bit like a book treasure/scavenger hunt. Each month has a theme and I will need to find one book that falls into the theme. I typically do not sign up for challenges like this because trying to fill in all of the categories on top of completing all my other challenges typically is just too stressful. Since this year I have simplified both of my challenges that I have taken on (aside from the three I run), are like this. I am looking forward to what books I am going to find for each theme and hopefully making some new discoveries.

5. Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading For Fun Challenge

– After already reading what a big Austen fan I am, it is probably not surprising that I signed up for a challenge hosted by a site called Modern Mrs. Darcy. She has two different tracks this year, one for fun and one for growth. I really thought about signing up for the growth one since I have some serious growth related book lists I want to talk this year, but in the end decided against it. As I have said before this year is about simplifying and not over committing on these challenges, so I decided to stick with the for fun one which I will still be reading some great books to help me expand my view.
Those are my five challenges this year, and I am ready to get started. I hope everyone else is as excited as I am for this new year and have big plans for it.

Happy reading in the new year,

R.A. Vucci


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