What Would Jane Do? Reading Challenge 2017


Welcome to the 5th annual What Would Jane Do reading challenge! *Confetti exploding in the background* I have been a huge fan of Jane Austen’s books, movies, spin-offs, and works inspired by the woman herself. This is the challenge for all the lovers of Jane Austen’s literature or people who have always wanted to experience her works.

Challenge Categories:

Books only written by Jane Austen herself:

A Touch of Pride: Read 1-3 books
Learning Sense: Read 4+ books

Books Written by Austen, spin-offs, sequels, and books that use her as a fictional character:

Expanding Emmagination: Read 1-3 books by Jane Austen and 1-3 books that fall into one of the other categories
Jane’s Persuasion: Read 4+ books by Jane Austen and 4+ books from the other categories

The final two levels of dedication go above and beyond all the other ones. The books can either be hers or a spin-off, sequel, use her as a fictional character, non-fiction about her, and the movies based off of her, her books, or that use her books as a key element.

Jane’s Wisdom: Read 3-5 books, Watch 3-5 movies
What Would Jane Do Official Challenge: Read 8+ books, Watch 8+ Movies

The books you read can count for other challenges. Ebooks, audiobooks, and traditional formats all count.
This challenge will run from January 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017. Sign-up will be running from now until Sept. 30th, 2017. To join simply comment below with what level you are doing, and a link to your blog post if you have one. I plan to do a check-in bimonthly starting in February.

I am really looking forward to this challenge as always,
Happy reading!

-R.A. Vucci


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