Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge 2017

Six years ago I was encouraged by some family members to create my very first reading challenge and this year I am bringing it back. We had looked and couldn’t find challenges for some of the lesser known sub-genres. So here is to you dystopian loving readers, the cat mystery readers or the supernatural warfare novel enthusiasts. In this you get to create your own challenge by deciding if you want to read books only about Dragons or if you want to read those obscure fantasy books you added to your Goodreads list. Mix and match to make your perfect combo.

There are four levels of Pick Your Poison:

Foxglove: Read 1-3 books of each of your categories.

Nightshade: Read 4-7 books of each of your categories.

Hemlock: Read 8-11 books of each of your categories.

Monkshood: Read 12+ books in each of your categories.

This challenge is all about choice, so customize it to what fits your needs. If you want to do Monkshood for Dystopian fiction and Foxglove for Cyberpunk, do it.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Business memoirs, epic fantasy, gothic mysteries, Shakespeare’s sonnets, locked room mysteries, 18th century female authors, a list of books ‘everyone’ should read before they die, or even every book read by a character on a tv show or movie. Have fun with it.

These books can count towards other challenges. Ebooks, audiobooks, traditional, and rereads all count towards the challenge.

This challenge runs January 1st, 2017 – December 31st, 2017. Sign up is open until September 30th, 2017. To sign up just comment below with what level you are doing, what category/s you have chosen, and a link to your blog post. There will be a quarterly check-ins where you can let me know how you are doing starting in March.

I hope you have a lot of fun with this challenge. Happy Reading!

-R.A. Vucci


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